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Hand Palm Protector Gym Fitness Gloves Half Finger Lifting Palm Dumbbell Grips Pads Weightlifting Training Glove Gym Workout

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Color: Red-NO Silicone

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About this item

✅ PERFECT GRIP - Increased grip during training for exercises such as pull-ups, rows or other pull-exercises. Suitable for all popular strength sports such as Calisthenics, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Fitness training, Bodyweight training or Freeletics.
✅ PROTECTION OF THE SKIN - The ergonomically shaped fitness finger grip pads relieve the pressure on the hands and protect against calluses, skin cracks and cornea formation thanks to the large grip surface.
✅ ANTI-SLIP – The workout grips increase the number of hoists and maximizes the training effect thanks to the high-quality neoprene, which counteracts sweaty and slippery hands.
✅ LONG DURABILITY - Thanks to high-tech neoprene material without unpleasant sweat or chemical odor. Perfect alternative to uncomfortable and smelly training gloves or liquid chalk.
✅ ONE SIZE FITS ALL - One size fits all women and men. The workout gri pads have four eyelets for the fingers which ensure a perfect grip on the hands and additionally absorb sweat.

Neoprene grip pads by MKAS - the perfect equipment for weight training, calisthenics, Freeletics or powerlifting. Improve your grip and performance for pull exercises and protect your hands from cracking and skarf-skin.

What started in 2016 as the product name "MKAS" has become an internationally renowned brand for premium pull-up bars, dip bars, parallettes and high-quality exercise equipment designed specifically for calisthenics and bodyweight athletes.

MKAS - work out wherever you want!

MKAS - Your supplier of Calisthenics Equipment and Premium Pull Up Bars

Increased grip during training & protection of the skin Advantages:

✔ Increased grip during training for exercises such as pull-ups, lat pull-down, deadlift, rowing or other pull exercises.

✔ Protection of the skin - relieves the pressure on the hands and protects against cracks and skarf-skin.

✔ Non-slip - Increases the number of pull reps and maximizes the training effect thanks to the included absorbable neoprene grip pads, which counteract sweaty and slippery hands.

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